Why is it so difficult to support women in their efforts to grow their businesses? What can we do to create an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurship development requires a multi-facetted approach. Whereas many countries have experience in providing training and financial services to women entrepreneurs, these initiatives often don’t generate the expected results when the setting in which women operate their businesses is not conducive. Complementary efforts are needed to create an enabling policy environment and to make sure that the relevant institutions and support structures favor women in their economic endeavors. This calls for capacity building and awareness raising at multiple levels. It also requires certain adaptations to tools and methodologies commonly used by business development service providers.

This 5-day training course is delivered by leading international experts drawing on experiences from different countries in applying an integrated approach to women’s entrepreneurship development. The course will bring together experts and practitioners to share and discuss the theoretical, policy and practical aspects involved. Participants will get acquainted with a range of tools to assess and improve the enabling environment, to build the capacity of women’s entrepreneurs associations and to integrate gender equality in value chain development and business training. 

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1550 EUR

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600 EUR



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