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Gender equality is a cross-cutting policy driver for the Centre. The promotion of equal opportunities and equal treatment for women and men has always had an important place in the policy and activities of the ILO.

The ILO has adopted several international labour standards on equality in employment. Some of them, for example those on equal remuneration, non-discrimination at work and workers with family responsibilities, cover all women and men in the world of work. Others target specific categories, such as women, indigenous and tribal peoples, workers with HIV and AIDS, and people with disabilities. The activities of the Centre in this area aim to assist ILO constituents and other ILO stakeholders in ensuring that relevant international labour standards are ratified and applied and policies, programmes and institutions are gender-responsive, promoting equality in the world of work, and creating the conditions for more inclusive workplaces.

Upcoming Courses
Diversity, inclusiveness and non-discrimination in the world of work
Managing diversity in the workplace brings many benefits but is not without problems. In this training course we will analyse types of discrimination and barriers to inclusiveness and the negative impact in organizations and society at large. We will look at new approaches to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace, such as deep democracy, to help organizations to identify common values and purpose. Read More

Enrolment deadline: 22 Feb 2016

Code: A909179

When: 22 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016

Venue Turin Centre

Language: English


Mainstreaming gender equality: concepts and instruments
Discuss gender approaches and tools to bring gender equality into the mainstream of labour-related development activities. Use the regulatory framework, gender analysis and planning tools. Read More

Enrolment deadline: 07 Mar 2016

Code: A909188

When: 07 Mar 2016 - 18 Mar 2016

Venue Turin Centre

Language: English - French


Gender and organizational change
How can organizations become gender responsive and transformative? The presence of more women does not automatically mean greater equality. This course analyses success stories and barriers, and goes deeper by looking at gender as part of an organizational change management strategy rather than a stand-alone item on the agenda. Read More

Code: A909178

When: 18 Apr 2016 - 22 Apr 2016

Venue Turin Centre

Language: English



Summer School on Gender Economics and Society - 2014 Video

Last year a video featuring testimonials by some participants was produced. Click here to get the resource


Participants' voices: focus on different experiences

Eduardo Rodríguez Calderón, ACTRAV specialist in the ILO Office for the Andean Countries in Lima, took part in the Gender Academy in November 2015 and the Seminar on International and Comparative Labour Law in September 1983. Read More

This year’s Gender Academy could not have come at a better time

This is how Raphael Crowe from the ILO Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch, opened Gender Academy 2015, now in its second week. Read More

How equal is the world of work?

Gender Academy is back on Campus: 200 experts and practitioners discuss actions to advance gender equality in the world of work Read More


International Labour Standards, Rights at Work and Gender Equality

Our mission is to support the development of knowledge and skills to promote international labour standards (ILS) and rights at work, to strengthen their application and to advance the achievement of equality and decent work for all women and men.

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