Carla-Anne Harris-Roper

Director, Legal Services, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Jamaica

In June 2009, I was afforded the unique opportunity to attend the Participatory Law Making course at the ITC-ILO campus in Turin, Italy. As a labour law attorney working with the government.

I found the course content both interesting and relevant to my personal and professional development. We explored many legal issues, including the right to strike, disability in employment, HIV/AIDS in the workplace, and the status of workers, which were juxtaposed with ILO best practice as evidenced by the relevant Conventions. The course presenters were knowledgeable and engaging, thereby delivering the information with competence.

The administrative team provided by the ITC also ensured that participants were well taken care of. It was not all work, however, as social activities were provided which allowed interaction among the diverse cultures represented by the participants.

Upon my return home to Jamaica, I have been able to use the knowledge I gained in my work and also to disseminate the principles among my immediate staff as well as academically through lecturing at the local University. I have also been able to use the social dialogue approach when seeking to amend and institute new legislation in my country. This has helped break down any animosity which may have existed between the social partners in relation to the areas being discussed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sojourn in Turin, and have benefited greatly from the course I took.

Kudos to the ITC-ILO!!!

Carla-Anne Harris-Roper
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