The Academy offers a learning platform to all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue, knowledge sharing, and to review good practices on transition from the informal to the formal economy. The event is an important opportunity to LEARN about the most advanced thinking around concepts and methodologies for reducing informality, to EXCHANGE information on good and bad practices, and to ADAPT lessons learnt to specific country contexts

At the end of the one-week, participants to the Academy will:

1. have a better understanding of the key concepts, terminology and conceptual framework related to informality and transitioning to formality;

2. be able to describe the main characteristics of workers and economic units in the informal economy;

3. be acquainted with elements of the formalization strategies that have been successfully put in place by specific regions or countries;

4. Share experiences, good practices and lessons learned on the design, implementation and evaluation of transitioning policies and strategies in various contexts;

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