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Once international labour standards (ILS) are adopted, member States are required to submit them to the competent national authority for consideration. With respect to Conventions, this means consideration for ratification.

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ILS are backed by a supervisory mechanism that is unique at international level. It is based on the evaluation by independent experts of the manner in which standards-related obligations are complied with and the examination of cases by the ILO's tripartite bodies.

In collaboration with the International Labour Standards Department (NORMES), we train ILO constituents to address ILS implementation gaps and to participate actively in the procedures of standard setting, submission, ratification, and supervision, including the fulfilment of ILS reporting obligations under the ILO Constitution.


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    Upcoming Tailor-made Courses

    International labour standards and Constitutional obligations

    Code: A4510126

    Dates: 14/11/2016-17/11/2016

    Venue: Moscow, Russian Federation

    Languages: English and Russian

    Selected Past Tailor-made Courses

    Normas internacionales del trabajo

    Code: A2510357

    Dates: 10/10/2016-14/10/2016

    Venue: Lima, Peru

    Language: Spanish

    International labour standards and Constitutional obligations

    Code: A1510157

    Dates: 29/08/2016-02/09/2016

    Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Language: English

    International labour standards and reporting obligations

    Code: A558677

    Dates: 16/02/2016-18/02/2016

    Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Languages: English and Arabic 

    Elaboración de memorias sobre normas internacionales del trabajo

    Code: A258420

    Dates: 25/08/2015-27/08/2015

    Venue: San José, Costa Rica

    Language: Spanish

    International labour standards and reporting obligations

    Code: A358536

    Dates: 10/08/2015-13/08/2015

    Venue: Bogor, Indonesia

    Languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia 


    International Labour Standards, Rights at Work and Gender Equality Catalogue


    Reporting Glossary

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