07 November 2016 - 11 November 2016

International Training of Trainers Forum: towards sustainable learning solutions

Format and Methodology

Access to the Training of Trainer’s Forum online network (15 September 2016)

Participants will access the ITCILO E-campus, explore the overall programme and connect with each other. They will complete a preliminary needs analysis and prepare for the workshop through several video-casts: http://blog.itcilo.org

The needs of participants and organisations in capacity building for sustainable development will be defined and will serve as basis for enhancing individual action, institutional effectiveness and results on international levels.

Face-to-face workshop (Turin campus, 7-11 November 2016) 

A five-day workshop will be conducted by international certied facilitators and renowned experts in the field of learning innovation. The methodology will be highly participatory and will approach a wide variety of learning techniques described in our institutional toolkit http://compass.itcilo.org

Each participant will receive a trainer toolkit that can be used in his/her professional context.

Online Community of Practice (after the event)

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