Labour migration affects most countries in the world, and migrant workers contribute greatly to development, both in countries of origin and countries of destination

However, the migration process implies complex challenges in terms of governance, migrant workers' protection, migration and development linkages, and international cooperation. The training activities of the Centre aim to strengthen the capacity of ILO constituents and other key stakeholders to develop and implement policies that minimize the negative individual costs of labour migration and maximize its positive effects for all those involved.

Upcoming Courses
Trabajo decente para las trabajadoras y los trabajadores domésticos
El curso promueve un diálogo interregional entre los diferentes actores involucrados en la promoción del trabajo decente para las trabajadoras y los trabajadores domésticos y mejora sus capacidades institucionales para garantizar su protección adecuada. Read More

Enrolment deadline: 21 Oct 2016

Code: A909090

When: 17 Oct 2016 - 21 Oct 2016

Venue Turin Centre

Language: Spanish


Academy on Labour Migration
The Academy on Labour Migration is a unique training opportunity to review and analyse key issues, strategies, policies and tools for tackling the complex challenges in terms of governance, protection of migrant workers and their families, migration and development linkages, and international cooperation. To address the regional dimension of labour migration more effectively, the academy will take place in Africa in 2016. Read More

Code: A959116

When: 28 Nov 2016 - 09 Dec 2016

Venue Africa

Language: English - French


Establishing fair recruitment processes (NEW)
In 2014 the ILO launched the "Fair Recruitment Initiative" to help prevent human trafficking, protect the rights of workers (including migrant workers) from abusive and fraudulent practices during the recruitment and placement process, reduce the cost of labour migration and enhance development gains. This course aims to (1) foster the sharing of national and international promising recruitment practices that meet internationally recognized human rights and labour standards, (2) enhance understanding among key actors of how to strengthen regulatory and enforcement mechanisms in order to address abusive and fraudulent recruitment practices, (3) promote the dissemination of fair business standards and practices and (4) of mechanisms for the empowerment and protection of workers. Read More

Code: A9010216

When: 24 Apr 2017 - 28 Apr 2017

Venue Turin Centre

Language: English



Social Protection, Governance and Tripartism

The Social Protection, Governance and Tripartism Programme aims at disseminating knowledge and good practices worldwide. It contributes to institutional capacity building by providing training courses and other learning events, both in Turin and in various other regions, for ILO constituents, staff from UN agencies and other development partners and stakeholders.
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