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What former participants say about our courses

  • “The course on international labour migration was very enlightening. We learned about labour migration, public policy and social actors as well as the relevant international agreements and conventions. The course was also a great opportunity to meet colleagues from different continents who work with labour issues on a daily basis. During the course we also got to discuss the migration situation in our own countries and learned from each other’s experiences. In addition, the agenda of the course was well organised, and the venue was nice.”
    Gladys Baer
    Labour Analyst
    Ministry of Labour- Employment and Social Security

  • "It was a welcome opportunity to not only learn about migration Conventions and policies, but also to benefit from the experiences shared by colleagues from a number of countries, and in my instance, from outside of my region. A wonderful training and learning experience all round!"
    Marcia A. Rampersad
    Programme Co-ordinator- International Affairs
    Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development
    Trinidad and

  • “A well packaged course...Truly international participation...Gathering diverse views about labour migration...
    I departed with one... and lots of lovely friends from around the world!”
    Emmanuel Igbinosun
    Assistant Chief Labour Officer- Labour Administration
    Federal Ministry of Labour and productivity

  • "An experience far better than expected which delivers more than an exceptional knowledge transfer"
    Adiatma Y.M Siregar
    Lecturer/Researche-,Economics and Development Studies
    University ofs Padjadjaran- Faculty of Economics
    West Java, Indonesia

  • "Wonderful organized training course on migration with good lecturers which gave us experience of different countries and knowledge, this training course helps me in my everyday work."
    Elen Manaserian

    Senior specialist of the law department
    Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia  (CTUA)

  • "Quiero compartir que entre muchas de las experiencias de formación vividas en el CIF, está la de haber ratificado en el desarrollo de las exposiciones de los expertos (as) y de las experiencias de los importantes participantes; que la OIT  busca la gestión de la Migración Laboral  en el marco del cumplimiento de los convenios internacionales, trayectoria de alta importancia para desarrollarse en los países, para la mejora continua de este importante sector."
    Piedad María Gómez Angel
    Coordinadora MIGRANDINA
    OIT Lima

  • "La migration internationale de main d'oeuvre est comparable à un cours d'eau, en le bloquant, il faut se préparer à en supporter les pires conséquences insoupçonnées, mieux vaut donc simplement l'orienter et l'encadrer"!
    Léopold Jérémie NGOMEZO'O
    Directeur de l’Agence Internationale
    Fonds National de l’Emploi

  • "Le cours était très riche en informations pertinentes et en échanges. Les outils pédagogiques étaient impressionnants. Bravo à l'équipe d'encadrement. On en a tiré beaucoup."
    Igor AGUEH
    Point focal « Migrations professionnelles »
    Agence Nationale Pour l’Emploi (ANPE)

  • "Au rendez-vous du donner et du recevoir: le CIF/OIT constitue une référence dans la gouvernance de la DIGNITE HUMAINE à savoir le respect des DROITS FONDAMENTAUX pour le DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE en ce troisième millénaire où c'est DEJA DEMAIN  POUR NOUS"
    Rokhy KEBE
    Conseillère en Emploi, Direction de l’Emploi – Service de la Main d’oeuvre

  • "I think that your migration training program is very good. We must found in it many subject which interest the african developing countries.
    Well done"
    Abdoulaye NDIAYE
    Assistant du DG chargé des Directions Régionales
    Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle/Agence Nationale
    pour l’Emploi (ANPE)

  • "Je croyais  bien maitriser les dynamiques migratoires....mais je me suis rendu compte que c'était une illusion..."
    Mamadou SAMB
    Président - Association Trait d'Union
    Italie - Sénégal

  • "A rich overview on the subject; the chance to gain new knowledge on the efforts done and going on at the international level to protect and support labour migrants, as well as to acquire increased awareness on different realities, experiences and perspectives"
    Valentina PIERETTO
    Protection Officer - INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization
    Yemen - Italie

  • "I had a wonderful adventure trip to Turin, which led me to new information, knowledge and best practices in labour migration governance, protection and development..."
    Thuy Thi Mai NGUYEN
    National Project Coordinator, Triangle Project - ILO Hanoi

  • "I have learned more knowledge and gained a wider vision from experience sharing amongst participants and resource persons of ILO, IOM, etc..."
    Lupthawan WALSH
    International Affairs Officer, Department of Employment - Ministry of Labour

  • "I am going to share this knowledge with my colleagues in my country, and keep in touch with all participants that were in the course via the LMA platform..."
    Chuop NARATH
    Deputy Director - Department of Employment and Manpower - Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT)

  • "...I now realize how much information I was lacking concerning migration, and how much I was not understanding and using Conventions. I am now convinced about the important role that the ILO has, but also how crucial it is to join our efforts and to work closely together to protect migrant workers in Lebanon..."
    Najla Marie Louise TABET
    Director of the Migrant Center - CARITAS Lebanon Migrant Center ; Independent consultant for MENA region.

  • "...I feel more confident in my work with partners on protection migrant workers from labour exploitation (...) the academy was an unique and wonderful place where I had a chance to learn from the experience of knowledgeable experts, (...) and with the participants who also have practical experiences in labour migrations (...) For me, the course is not ended, but it is rather the start for a new journey with full of continuos learning and experimenting."
    Thuy Thi Mai NGUYEN
    National Project Coordinator, Triangle Project - ILO Hanoi


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