Format and Methodology

Each training module of the proposed G20 capacity building and e-learning platform features the following components:

  • A learning space with access to synchronous and a-synchronous learning events. The synchronous space consists of a training calendar with training events and the possibility to participate in live lectures on specifi c topics. The a-synchronous space consists of different self-paced e-learning components such as online modules and targeted readings.
  • A self-evaluation space where participants can find quizzes and activities that help them identify where they stand in terms of knowledge and get targeted feedback pointing to the right readings and answers available in the platform.
  • A sharing space where everyone can comment on the studied material and interact with their fellow classmates.
  • A module assignment that aims to summarize and assimilate the subject material covered by applying it to the participants’ national situation. The combination of these three different elements leads to an integrated capacity building and e-learning platform.

In addition, the applied project (or final assignment) constitutes a focal point of this course. Starting from the first week, the module assignments will gradually become the building blocks of that main project. Guidance will be periodically provided by the course tutor so that everyone comes up with a comprehensive country
assessment and analysis.

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