Deadline for application: 20 May 2018
English - French
Turin Centre
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Course Information

25 June 2018 - 06 July 2018

English - French

Turin Centre

Code: A9011276

Deadline: 20 May 2018

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The main objective of the Academy is to enhance the capacity of decision makers (mainly Ministries of Labour and other relevant government institutions and workers' and employers' organizations) to develop comprehensive strategies to tackle the multifaceted dimensions of the youth employment challenge, with gender mainstreaming.

Target audience

Target audience

Senior government officials; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations; young leaders working on youth employment issues, active in the promotion of decent work for youth; staff of agencies responsible for labour market intermediation and vocational training; other relevant stakeholders, international and regional practitioners and ILO staff. The participation of women is strongly encouraged.




Over the past few decades, growing youth employment challenges in all countries have made the creation of more and better jobs for youth a global priority. In this context, the ILO is facing an increasing demand from member countries for assistance on designing context specific, integrated youth employment policies and programmes. 

As part of a larger ILO response to the growing requests from governments and social partners, the ILO’s Youth Employment Programme and the ITCILO, with the involvement of several ILO technical units, offer the Academy on Youth Employment. The Academy draws on ILO’s extensive experience accumulated through decades of research, capacity building and policy advisory services on youth employment.

The Academy will go along the Resolution “The youth employment crisis: A Call for Action” adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2012. This Resolution contains principles and a set of policy measures guiding constituents in shaping national strategies through a multi-pronged and balanced approach that fosters pro-employment growth and decent job creation.



The main objective of the Academy is to enhance the capacity of decision-makers (notably Ministries of Labour and other relevant Government institutions and workers and employers organisations) to develop comprehensive strategies for tackling the multi-faceted dimensions of the youth employment challenge. Desirous to expand the social dialogue and to provide a space for the views of the targeted group (the youth), the Academy also promotes the participation of representatives of youth-organisations.


More specifically, the Academy aims to:

  • Promote multi-pronged and integrated approaches in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating decent job creation for youth;
  • Enhance knowledge and tools that support action on youth employment through the development of national action plans and national programmes on youth employment;
  • Promote gender-mainstreaming and social dialogue as central elements for tackling the global youth employment challenges;
  • Promote best practices for mainstreaming youth employment into national employment policies and development frameworks;
  • Enhance knowledge and experience sharing on youth employment policies including active labour market policies, youth entrepreneurship, skills development and youth transition to formality;
  • Enhance knowledge for monitoring and evaluation of youth employment initiatives;
  • Foster youth rights and green jobs for youth as an integral component of youth employment strategies; and
  • Share experience and best practices on inter-institutional coordination mechanisms on youth employment policy and programme development.



The contents of the Academy are designed following the guiding principles of the ILO Call for Action on youth employment which promotes a multi-pronged, comprehensive and balanced approach combining economic policies; education, training and skills programmes; labour market policies and institutions; entrepreneurship and self-employment; and rights at work for young people.

The Academy will combine plenary sessions and elective courses.

Plenary sessions will cover core contents as:

  • Global youth employment trends;
  • Youth Employment Policy Development Process;
  • Challenges of implementation of Youth Employment policies: coordination and financing mechanisms;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of youth employment programmes.

The preliminary list of electives includes:

  • Active labour market policies;
  • Skills development: education and training;
  • Youth rights at work;
  • Gender mainstreaming in youth employment policies;
  • Youth entrepreneurship and self-employment;
  • Youth transition to formality;
  • Green jobs & youth; and
  • Rural youth employment.

Format and methodology

Format and methodology

The training methodology for this Academy will be highly participatory. It is designed to ensure ‘learning-by-doing’ process that encourages the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices among participants. It will combine presentations by experts and practitioners with structured group exercises, case studies and discussions designed to foster knowledge and experience sharing. 

All training materials will be made accessible through an web platform specifically designed for the Academy and tablets will be provided to participants to foster technology-enhanced-interactive learning throughout the duration of the course. 

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Tuition cost: 2320

Subsistence cost: 1360

Total cost: 3680


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