The contents of the Academy are designed following the guiding principles of the ILO Call for Action on youth employment which promotes a multi-pronged, comprehensive and balanced approach combining economic policies; education, training and skills programmes; labour market policies and institutions; entrepreneurship and self-employment; and rights at work for young people.

 The Academy will be structured in several plenary and electives sessions:

  • Policy options for youth employment with a focus on economic policies and labour market institutions:

– Sessions on economic policies will outline key aspects of macroeconomic and sectoral policies and their impacts on youth employment outcomes, including the role for employment creation of private sector development strategies in particular small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

– Sessions on labour market policies and institutions will discuss the role of selected active and passive labour market policies such as unemployment benefits, activation policies, unemployment assistance and employment protection legislations (EPL). Wages and their relationship with labour productivity as well as the role of trade unions and collective bargaining will be thoroughly discussed.

  • Sessions on Youth Employment Policy Development Process (YEPDP) will examine policy development processes for youth employment (policy-cycle) consisting of situation analysis, problem identification, policy options and policy design providing insights into the formulation of youth employment policies that are evidence-based and grounded in the needs of young women and men and the issue of mainstreaming youth employment into national employment strategies.
  • Sessions on Implementation of Youth Employment policies will explore best practices on, and obstacles to, the implementation of youth employment policies with emphasis to policy coordination, monitoring and evaluation techniques.

 Elective courses

The Academy provides elective courses. A preliminary list of theelectives includes:
• Active Labour Market Policies;
• Skills development: Education and Training;
• Youth Rights at Work;
• Gender;
• Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment;
• Youth Transition to Formality;
• Green Jobs & Youth; and
• Rural Youth Employment.

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