The main objective of the Academy is to enhance the capacity of decision-makers (notably Ministries of Labour and other relevant Government institutions and workers and employers organisations) to develop comprehensive strategies for tackling the multi-faceted dimensions of the youth employment challenge. Desirous to expand the social dialogue and to provide a space for the views of the targeted group (the youth), the Academy also promotes the participation of representatives of youth-organisations.


More specifically, the Academy aims to:

  • Promote multi-pronged and integrated approaches in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating decent job creation for youth;
  • Enhance knowledge and tools that support action on youth employment through the development of national action plans and national programmes on youth employment;
  • Promote gender-mainstreaming and social dialogue as central elements for tackling the global youth employment challenges;
  • Promote best practices for mainstreaming youth employment into national employment policies and development frameworks;
  • Enhance knowledge and experience sharing on youth employment policies including active labour market policies, youth entrepreneurship, skills development and youth transition to formality;
  • Enhance knowledge for monitoring and evaluation of youth employment initiatives;
  • Foster youth rights and green jobs for youth as an integral component of youth employment strategies; and
  • Share experience and best practices on inter-institutional coordination mechanisms on youth employment policy and programme development.

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