Green jobs in Africa

This course is part of a broader ILO effort to meet the learning needs expressed by its constituents. Its ultimate objective is to enable participants to provide meaningful input into national debate and policy-making on the social and labour dimensions of climate change.

The focus is on the labour market implications of environmental and economic policies, especially for employment assessment, job creation, skills development and working conditions.

The course has four modules: (i) introduction to green jobs; (ii) climate change adaptation and employment creation; (iii) green growth and the labour market; (iv) a “just transition” to a low-carbon economy; (v) strategies for green jobs.

The knowledge required for a sound understanding of basic concepts is shared, and relevant policy frameworks are analysed.

Target audience: ILO constituents (government and social partner representatives) from 10 selected English-speaking African countries.


  • a one-week on-line induction module;
  • a one-week face-to-face course using a participatory learning approach;
  • a follow-up phase of two weeks.

Partners: ILO Geneva; ILO Regional Office for Africa, Addis Ababa; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).







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