Employers' Activities

Employers' Activities

Publication of research on Women Entrepreneurship and BMOs!

Together with the DECP, the ITCILO just released 10 country studies on the "Women Entrepreneurship and Business Member Organizations Landscape".


The ITCILO Programme for Employers’ Activities and the DECP commissioned 10 country studies on the “Women Entrepreneurship and Business Member Organizations Landscape”, which were published today.

The following countries are concerned: Botswana ; Cambodia ; Egypt ; Philippines ; South Africa ; Sri Lanka ; Tanzania ; Uganda ; Vietnam and Zambia.

The aim of the country studies is "in a nutshell" to:
• map the main challenges with regard to the business environment for women entrepreneurs;
• map organizations dealing with women entrepreneurs and their activity levels in the country;
• describe and make practical recommendations on how BMOs can respond to women entrepreneurs needs.

The country studies are part of a larger effort of the DECP and ITCILO to promote women economic participation and empowerment. They can be found here.

Unlike many donor programs who focus on the micro level ie. helping individual women entrepreneurs with funding or training, the ITCILO and the DECP decided to concentrate on the meso level ie. through promoting the capacity of BMOs to organize, represent and service women entrepreneurs in a more effective way. They organized in November 2015 a Training of Trainers workshop, on which more information can be found here.

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