Training guides

A series of hands-on guides for Employers Organizations

Over the years, the Programme for Employers Activities of the ITCILO has published several guides for Employer Organizations.

Some of the below-mentionned guides were developed in cooperation with the ILO Bureau for Employers' Activities.

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Building on these guides, a new series of "hands-on" Guides has been published in 2012 on Services development by Employers' Organizations:



A specific Guide was also published on the management of Employers' Organizations at sector/branch level:


Other Guides focus on specific activities of Employers Organizations or policy areas in which they are active:


  • Making Sense of Social Media - A practical Guide for Employers' Organizations, Sept. 2016 - English
  • A Guide on CSR and Human Rights – what does it mean for companies in supply chains? October 2015 - English
  • Key issues for management to consider with regard to Transnational Company Agreements (TCAs) - Lessons learned from a series of workshops with and for management representatives - December 2010 - English; French

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  • Maximizing the opportunities for Employers' Organizations in the framework of Decent Work Country Programmes - English
com guide.JPG
  • Mobile Engagement with Members – A Toolkit for BMOs - English
PCM guide.jpg
  • Project Design and Principles of Project Cycle Management - Spanish
YE guide.jpg
  • Tackling Youth Employment Challenges. An introductory guide for Employers' Organizations - English; French; Spanish





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