28 November 2016 - 09 December 2016

Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations

Format and Methodology

The Academy will combine plenary sessions with elective parallel sessions to be chosen by the participants according to their preferences. The Academy will foster a conducive environment to social dialogue. The methodology will be learner-centred with the support of facilitators and practitioners of social dialogue. In addition to the lectures provided by national and international experts, permanent interaction among participants through group work, discussions and other interactive learning methods will take place. Participants will have the opportunity to look into several experiences of social dialogue in a direct manner through interaction with the key players of social dialogue and compare them with their own experience and context. It is expected to create a culture and momentum of dialogue to be promoted and deepened by the participants afterwards.

Phase I: Pre-course information on the Internet-based learning platform

– three weeks before the course;

Phase II: Face-to-Face workshop

– two-week course in Turin;

Phase III: Post-Training on the Internet-based

learning platform

– following the face-to-face course.

During the two weeks in Turin, an action-oriented, highly participative approach will be used, with particular attention devoted to sharing international experiences with a view to their adaptation and practical application:

• Training methods will combine lectures and discussions, case studies, open space debate, roleplay,  exercises and group work using up-to-date learning methods and technologies;

• Particular attention will be paid to the presentation of “good practices” through case studies reflecting experiences already gained locally and internationally.

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