03 October 2016 - 14 October 2016

Academy on the Green Economy

Target audience

Who can participate?


The Academy targets a diverse group of participants including:

  • Policy makers, technical staff and stakeholders from civil society organizations, trade unions, employers’ organizations, cooperatives, knowledge and research institutions, in current PAGE countries;
  • Delegates from other interested countries which are adopting green economy strategies;
  • Staff and practitioners from partner/interested agencies and donors.



  • At least middle-level function in Ministries relevant to PAGE, i.e. environment, labour, industry, finance, education etc.;
  • The Ministry is acquainted with and committed to green economy or related topics (sustainable development, green growth, green jobs, green industries, etc.) and this is part of the candidate participant’s working area.


  • Candidate belongs to a civil society, private sector and/or member-based representative organization relevant to PAGE;
  • In case the member-based organisation belongs to either IOE or ITUC network (i.e. formal constituent of the ILO, such as MEF in Maurtius), participants should be appointed through ILO departments in charge of social partners (i.e. workers and employers’ departments);
  • Candidate belongs to a research/knowledge institution recognized and endorsed by national or international partners.

Language requirements for all:

  • Candidate understands and speaks the selected working language (English as a priority, but depending on number of applicants from French- and Spanish- speaking countries, the Academy may be bi- or trilingual – hence proficiency in one of these three languages is mandatory plus fluency in English preferred).


As an organization dedicated to fundamental human rights and social justice, the ILO is taking a leading role in international efforts to promote and realize gender equality. In line with this focus, women candidates are especially welcome.

The selection committee will help ensure that country delegations consist of 50% women as a minimum and that regional balance is respected with the objective of reaching out countries at different stages of development



Partnership for action on green economy


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