Working Papers

The Working Papers of the Turin School of Development are part of a wider effort by the International Training Centre of the ILO to the development policy dialogue through wide dissemination of the research findings of its staff, postgraduate course participants, partner institutions and external collaborators. Papers are selected for publication on the basis of originality, technical soundness and policy relevance.

WP No. 2, "The Impact of Labour Market Institutions on Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from South America", Agustín Velásquez

WP No. 3, "An Analysis of Labour Market Returns to Education in Vietnam: Evidence from the National Labour Force Survey 2012", Dung Tien Nguyen


Just published!


Labour Administration and Labour Inspection in Asian Countries - Strategic approaches

Giuseppe Casale and Alagandram Sivananthiran

New publication by the Director of the Turin School of Development, Mr Giuseppe Casale. If interested, please contact:  ilo@turpin-distribution.com


Forthcoming soon:

"Gender Differences in Time Allocation: Evidence from Rwanda", Olivier Habimana

"Gender Inequalities in Time Use in Peru: the Determination of Market and Non-market Oriented Work Supply", Carmen Rosa Marull Maita

"Collective Bargaining Structure and the Incidence on Income Distribution: Some insights to the Chilean Case", Gonzalo Duran

 "What Explains Africa’s Jobless Growth?", Samuel Asfaha and Edlira Narazani

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