Master of Laws in International Trade Law

Master of Laws in International Trade Law

Deadline for application: 04 September 2016

Starting date: 07 November 2016


07 November 2016 - 06 November 2017



For more than 20 years the International Training Centre of the ILO and a number of academic partners led by the University of Turin and the University Institute of European Studies and in collaboration with other world-class universities have been offering a shortened version of this Master as a postgraduate course under the name “International Trade Law Post-Graduate Course”.


In recognition of increasing demand for higher levels of specialization in the fields of contract law and international trade and overlapping with the decision to establish the Turin School of Development (as a unique mechanism for delivery of joint UN-academic programmes), it was decided to expand and upgrade the programme’s learning contents to a Level 1 European Master as of the Academic Year 2010-2011.

From the UN side, UNCITRAL endorsed the new Master and accepted the status of a full partner as of 2010. Other international organizations and renowned universities have also expanded their role in this new Master and delegated distinguished faculty members to join the Scientific Committee and/or to participate in programme delivery like WTO, UNIDROIT, the University of Fribourg and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain).

This LL.M. Programme is now designed for  comprehensive coverage of the topics related to the globalisation of supply chains, the vast expansion in international and regional trade in goods and services as well as the accompanying technological developments like e-commerce and digital signatures which have all contributed to an increasing complexity in the legal framework governing contractual transactions in a technologically interconnected global market.

Due to the integrated coverage of both the legal concepts and the applied practice sides of the various types of contracts in international trade, the LL.M. Programme has assembled a faculty of highly qualified law professors and experienced law practitioners in order to impart to the participants not only the legal knowledge for negotiating trade and related contractual issues but also the necessary competences for analysing complex situations and disputes in contracts and trade agreements.

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