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Master of Laws in International Trade Law

Master of Laws in International Trade Law

Deadline for application: 04 September 2016

Starting date: 07 November 2016


07 November 2016 - 06 November 2017



The learning objectives of the LL.M. programme are:

  • advancing legal knowledge in the field of international trade law and transnational contract law and related provisions of public and private international law
  • enhancing competencies for comparative legal analysis i.e. from a civil law, common law and Islamic law perspectives
  • providing fundamental tools and competencies needed to deal with the complex reality of international commercial transactions from a European and an international perspective and in particular with respect to:
    1. Contracts’ Drafting
    2. Interpretation and Management of International Commercial Contracts
    3. International Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Moot Court

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