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Master in Management of Development

Master in Management of Development

Deadline for application: 23 September 2016

Starting date: 07 November 2016


07 November 2016 - 03 November 2017



The core faculty of the programme are:

  • Senior Professors from the University of Turin and other renowned universities worldwide;
  • Development specialists from ITC/ILO/UNDP and other UN system organizations.

The combination of academic resource persons and development practitioners is a distinctive feature of this programme which enables smooth integration of theory with practice.

ITC/ILO contributes to the learning programme with its wide expertise and proven track record in the area of training for development. In addition ITCILO has, over the years, developed a variety of learning delivery techniques that are intended to facilitate prompt absorption of the proceedings of learning and experience exchange sessions in adult education and training. 


  • Prof. Gianmaria AJANI - Rector of the University of Turin
  • Prof. Gani ALDASHEV - University of Namur
  • Prof. Helena ALVIAR GARCIA - University of Bogotà
  • Prof. Giovanni BALCET - University of Turin
  • Mr. Arnulf BECKER - Harvard Law School
  • Prof. Cahsai BERHANE WILLIAMSON - University of Brussels
  • Mr. Simone BERTOLI - University of Florence
  • Prof. Amit BHADURI - Univerity of Delhi
  • Dr. Irene BIGLINO - Researcher Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights
  • Prof. Stephanie BLANKENBURG - University of London
  • Ms. Carola CARAZZONE - Law Module Coordinator
  • Prof. Guilhem CASSAN - University of Brussels
  • Prof. Silvana DALMAZZONE - University of Turin
  • Prof. Mario DEAGLIO - University of Turin
  • Prof. Paola DE VINCENTIIS - University of Turin
  • Mr. Vitor DIONIZIO - Consultant
  • Mr. Ulrich GARTNER - University of St. Gallen
  • Daniel GENBERG -
  • Prof. Edoardo GREPPI - University of Turin
  • Ms. Flore GUBERT - DIAL, France
  • Prof. Catherine GUIRKINGER - University of Namur
  • Ms. Gabriella HABTOM - OHCHR
  • Ms. Patti JANEGA - Consultant
  • Mr. Hassan Krayem - UNDP
  • Mr. Andrea MICCONI - NGO LVIA
  • Mr. Boris NAJMAN - University of paris XII
  • Prof. Katherine NWAJIAKU - University of Paris
  • Ms. Claudia OEHL- Consultant
  • Ms. Silvia PEZZINI - University of Namur
  • Prof. Jean Philippe PLATTEAU - University of Namur
  • Dr. Tareq RASHEED - University of Amman
  • Porf. Marco RICOLFI - University of Turin
  • Mr. Donato ROMANO - University of Florence
  • Ms. Donatella SACCONE - Consultant
  • Prof. Hani SAYED - American University of Cairo
  • Ms. Cristiana SAPPA - University of Turin
  • Prof R. SRINIVAS -University of Dublin
  • Prof. Astrig TASGIAN - Professor University of Turin
  • Ms. Elisa TICCI - researcher University of Florence
  • Prof. Vittorio. VALLI - University of Turin
  • Mr. Patrick VAN WEERELT - UNSSC
  • Prof. Alessandra VENTURINI - University of Turin
  • Ms. Blerina VILA - ITC-ILO

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