Master in Occupational safety and health

The University of Turin, Italy, in partnership with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO), the International Labour Office(ILO) and the International Commission of Occupational Health (ICOH) is offering a Master course in Occupational Safety and Health. This one-year programme, to be held in English, includes an Internet-based distance learning phase, a face-to-face residential period on the ITC/ILO's campus in Turin followed by another distance phase for the preparation of the dissertation. The proposed programme combines the advantages of the academic experience and the international training experience in OSH of the organizing partners. An international approach has been applied to the contents, the methodology development as well as to the composition of the training team. This programme involves participants from both developing and developed countries, who will thus have an opportunity to share their different experiences. Furthermore, it also offers a range of learning situations in which participants can enhance their analytical and problem solving skills.

Master in Occupational safety and health

Starting date: 12 September 2016


12 September 2016 - 30 September 2017


Master Information

Deadline for application: 31 May 2017

Starting date: 12 September 2016


12 September 2016 - 30 September 2017


Frequently asked questions

What is this Master in occupational safety and health?

It is a 2nd cycle programme intended to provide students with further specialization or higher continuous education after completion of the 1st cycle. Access is allowed through an Italian bachelor degree (or a comparable foreign degree accepted by Italian authorities) and other additional documentary requirements.


What does "First Level Master" mean?

According to the Italian University System, there are two types of Masters: 1st level master and 2nd level master.

The only difference between them is the minimum educational background and academic qualification requirements to be enrolled in these masters: to be enrolled on a 1st level Master's, the minimum requirement is a bachelor degree (3 years); while for a 2nd level Master, the minimum requirement is a post-graduate degree (3 +2 years).

Therefore, pursuing our 1st level Master in Occupational Safety and Health, a first level master diploma will be awarded.


Does this Master in occupational safety and health give access to PhD or to any other 3rd cycle programme?

The qualification awarded in this master (First level Master in occupational safety and health) does not give access to PhD programmes or to any other 3rd cycle programme, since this type of course does not belong to the general requirement established at the national level, but it is offered under the autonomous responsibility of the University of Turin.

 How does the Italyan education system work?

Could this Master in occupational safety and health be followed only at a distance?

No, this Master course includes a residential phase of 11 weeks. Attendance to this residential phase is compulsory.


What happens if I do not complete the dissertation of the Master in occupational safety and health on time?

You will receive a certificate of attendance of the distance learning phase and the residential phase (if this is the case) of the Master. If you want to obtain the diploma, you have to apply again to a new edition of the Master, be selected and pay a reduced tuition fee and complete  the dissertation of Master in occupational safety and health in time.


During the 11 week residential part in Turin, is it compulsory to take the accommodation and subsistence package in the campus of the ILO Turin Centre?

No, you can decide to stay outside the ITCILO  campus. However, we would recommend to look for a place not far from the campus because the training lessons start at 8.30 AM everyday (some days in which study visits are scheduled you may be required to be at the campus at 7.30).

The cost of accommodation and subsistence during the residential phase of 11 weeks in our facilities is Euro 4,600 booked and payable in advance by the participant or his/her sponsoring organization.

The accommodation includes a single bedroom, laundry service and breakfast on the ITCILO Campus during the residential phase.

You may opt for the accommodation at the ITCILO campus and not the subsistence. In this case, the cost of  the accommodation package is Euro 3,350.

The campus facilities include a newly refurbished restaurant, canteen and cafeteria. You may decide to pay directly at the self-service / bar every time or you may decide to purchase the subsistence package including a daily credit of 15 Euro for lunch and dinner. The cost of  the subsistence package is Euro 1,250.

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