Master in Applied Labour Economics for Development

Master in Applied Labour Economics for Development

Deadline for application: 01 September 2016

Starting date: 24 October 2016


24 October 2016 - 31 December 2017



Today, the dynamic and complex process of development and globalisation calls for an enhanced understanding of the way to support more and better jobs in different development contexts. In all countries, poor and rich, the conviction is growing that labour is not a commodity, that labour markets are socially embedded, and that both the quantity and quality of employment is fundamental to responsible growth and the fight against poverty and social exclusion. In this context, the social demand for expertise in how to place decent employment at the heart of economic and development policies, and how to evaluate the impact of such policies is rising.

The Master's programme in Applied Labour Economics for Development (MALED) of the Turin School of Development (ITCILO) is a response to the need for more and more diverse expertise in the design and evaluation of evidence-based policies, in which international labour standards and fundamental rights at work go hand in hand with job creation and productive employment. The programme is delivered as a first level Master's degree by the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Turin.

The brochure of the 2017/2018 edition will be available soon!!!

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