Fidel Bennett Ramos (Chile, 2014/2015 edition)

I decided to apply for MALED because the program seemed interesting and complete. It was supposed to cover a lot of subjects that are trending topics nowadays in development economics and with a lot of specifics in labor economics which was my field of work at the moment. When I arrived to Turin, I realized that the course was exactly what I wanted it to be, I learned a lot and I was pleased to see that it was actually top of art knowledge addressed by experts in each subject.

After a few weeks I realized that the experts where mainly coming from the ILO and I had considered the possibility of doing an internship there, so I applied through the website, and then started talking to some of the professors in order to gather more information and to maybe get them to put on a word on my behalf. Around the middle of the course I was accepted in an internship in ILO's Research Department in Switzerland, so right after the end of the course I went to Geneva and started the internship. The truth is that I actually used what had been taught in the MALED and I also got to learn a lot more, together with living great thing there.

Besides the academic experience, going to Turin was also an incredible cultural experience. I met people from everywhere and an amazing city.

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