Francesca Bonomelli (Chile, 2014/2015 edition)

Certainly, MALED for me was of main importance for my professional and personal development. The courses where enriching and interesting, the professors where experts on each subject, which made classes appealing, my classmates were from all around the world bringing diversity and different points of view to each topic, and the people involved in the program were warm and helpful at all times. So, I found the program to be all what I was expecting and more, thorough and useful.

During MALED, I applied for an internship at the ILO and after a few months I was accepted to work in the Youth Employment Department for six months in Switzerland. That part of my experience was amazing and my development in the job was in great part possible due to the knowledge acquired during the master.

Now, back in my country, I am grateful for one of the best years of my life and I would recommend the Master dearly.

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