Marina Giovanzana (Italy, 2012/2013 edition)

My MALED experience was wonderful because it allowed me to literally learn about a whole set of issues that I was not so aware of as well as deepen my knowledge of quantitative methods compared to what I had previously learned during my undergraduate studies in Economics.
I think that another element that differentiate the MALED, let's say one of its perks, is that many of the lecturers are not only Professors but Officials of the ILO or other major international organizations and so they bring to the table - classroom - a very concrete approach, that really gives you a sense of what the topics and issues going on in the public debate are and, in my personal case, makes you want to learn even more about it. In other words, I was very motivated and excited to be part of this program and I happily took on the challenge which I think also made a difference in the way once approach the work load that comes with the face to face phase of the Master as well as the preparation of the final dissertation. 
Nonetheless, the Master was also a very good experience from a social point of view: beside all the people in my classroom I also met lots of people from other Masters that are held at the ITC-ILO campus and I believe I now have some true, new good friends almost all over the world. To this I have to add that I was so pleasantly surprised with Torino, although I am from northern Italy too, the city is beautiful with a very relaxed atmosphere. I definitely enjoyed - and now miss - being there. 
Shortly after completing my thesis I came to Geneva at the ILO HQ for an internship in the Research Department and I really hope I will be able to continue working in the field of labour economics and topics that intertwined with it in developing countries. 
Moreover after the MALED I also applied to the Marie Curie Fellowship Program for Development Economics and next year I will be going to the University of Cape Town, South Africa to do research on asset based poverty traps. 

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