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Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

Master in Public Procurement Management for Sustainable Development

Deadline for application: 01 October 2016

Starting date: 24 October 2016


24 October 2016 - 27 October 2017



The Master’s programme is an intensive, blended learning course of one full year duration, of which only four months require full classroom attendance. It requires your total dedication as well as your maximum intellectual commitment.
The unique learning path offered by this programme through a succession of distance learning, face-to-face tuition and applied research ensures an optimal transfer of competences while minimising disruption of your job.
The award of a First Level Master's Diploma by the University of Turin is conditional on your performance in the formal examinations and coursework assignments, as well as on a successful dissertation on an approved procurement topic.
The programme provides you with a comprehensive package of “learning resources” which include:
  • course materials for each subject, comprising essential textbooks and other relevant materials
  • interactive lectures led by professors and senior procurement experts followed by assignments/case studies intended for you to internalize the knowledge and to measure learning
  • tutoring by dedicated teaching assistants and guidance by an overall programme coordinator.

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