Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development

Deadline for application: 30 June 2016

Starting date: 17 October 2016

Language, Duration and Venue:


17 October 2016 - 13 October 2017




The Master has a strong international faculty including Professor David Throsby from Macquarie University, Professor Pierre Jean Benghozi from Ecole polytechnique, Professor Andy Pratt from City University London, Professor Xavier Greffe from University Paris I-Sorbonne and Professor Lluis Bonet, from University of Barcelona.

Officials from UNESCO, ILO and other international organizations also teach on the Master.


The Faculty 2014-15 included: 

  • S. Ada, Unversity Bilgi University, Turckey
  • G. Ajani, University of Turin – Italy
  • J. Alcocer,ITC-ILO –Turin
  • S. Asfaha,ITC-ILO –Turin
  • F. Bandarin, UNESCO WHC, Paris
  • P.J. Benghozi, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
  • L. Bonet, University of Barcelona – Spain
  • S. Bonini Baraldi, Bologna University – Italy
  • M. Cantamessa, Polytechnic of Turin - Italy
  • C. Cassatella, Polytechnic of Turin - Italy
  • A. Castellani, Polytechnic of Turin - Italy
  • I. Cooper, University of Manchester – UK
  • S. Dalmazzone, University of Turin – Italy
  • J. C. De Martin, Polytechnic of Turin - Italy
  • A.C. Fonseca, Consultant, Brazil
  • M. Gasser,ITC-ILO –Turin
  • R. Govers, Consultant, Belgium
  • X. Greffe, University of Paris I Sorbonne - France
  • G. Guerzoni, University L. Bocconi, Milan – Italy
  • C. Gustafsson, Upsala University - Sweden
  • E. Kakiuchi, GRIP (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studie) - Japan
  • M. Lalayan,ITC-ILO –Turin
  • P. Lombardi, Polytechnic of Turin – Italy
  • A. Mariotti, Unversity of Ferrara - Italy
  • M. Marrelli, Federico II University, Naples - Italy
  • C. Oehl, ITC-ILO Consultant, Germany
  • S. Perera, University of Nottingham – UK
  • A. Pratt, City University, London - UK
  • A. Rossi Ghiglione, University of Turin -Italy
  • A. Russo, University of Tarragona – Spain
  • C. Salone, University of Turin -Italy
  • S. Scamuzzi, University of Turin -Italy
  • G. Segre, IUAV University of Venice - Italy
  • A. Spaziante, Polytechnic of Turin – Italy
  • D. Throsby, Macquaire University - Australia
  • P. Tomlinson,ITC-ILO –Turin
  • L. Zan, Bologna University – Italy



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