Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development

Deadline for application: 20 August 2016

Starting date: 17 October 2016

Language, Duration and Venue:


17 October 2016 - 13 October 2017


Carlo Salone

Scientific Director (Ph.D. in Spatial planning and property market, Polytechnic of Turin, ), he is an Associate Professor of Political and economic geography at the University of Turin.

He is an Associate Professor of Political and economic geography at the University of Turin, where he teaches Regional geography of development (1st level of M.A. degree in Economics) and Territorial development (2nd level degree in Economics of Environment, Culture and Territory). He taught as a visiting lecturer in France (Paris 10 and 12), Spain (Girona, Doctoral School of Geography and Planning) and Finland (Oulu, Doctoral School of Geography), and he is currently visiting professor at UPEC (Université Paris-Est Créteil), Paris and Lyon 2-Lumière.

He does his research at the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (former DITer, now DIST), Polytechnic and University of Turin, focusing my activity on European spatial planning, innovations in territorial policies and local development practices in the European Union and, more recently, the cultural economy of cities. He has also worked on the institutional capacity of regions within the ESPON 2013 Programme and was involved in the ESPON 2006 Programme, as a member of the Italian team for the 1.1.1 Project on polycentricism and 2.3.1 Project on ESDP Application.

Previously, he worked in the SPESP (Study Programme on European Spatial Programme), for the theme “typology of cities”. He participated in many PRIN (national research programmes funded by the Italian University Ministry) and co-ordinated research teams involved in local authorities advising activities.

He authored, alone or with other scholars, many papers regarding the European Spatial Development Perspective, the European Spatial Planning, the European territorial policies and the new regionalism. From 2008 until 2012 he led Eu-Polis, a Polytechnic research centre focused on urban systems in Europe .

Before reaching his university position, he was in charge of the technical secretariat of the Department for Urban Areas, Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers in 1997 and 1998, when he was also appointed as an expert of the OECD, Territorial Development Service, Urban Affairs Division. Over the last five years, he has worked as a consultant of local and regional authorities of Piedmont for metropolitan strategic planning (Torino Internazionale) and regional policies (Provincia di Torino and Regione Piemonte).

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