Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development

Deadline for application: 20 August 2016

Starting date: 17 October 2016

Language, Duration and Venue:


17 October 2016 - 13 October 2017


Margarita Lalayan

Senior Programme officer at International Training Center of the ILO and current Activity Manager of the Master

Margarita Lalayan serves as a Senior Programme officer at International Training Center of the ILO and an Activity Manager of the Master program. She is also in charge of capacity building and the ILO Making Microfinance Work training programmes. She is responsible for overall management and implementation of several donor funded projects and relationship with key donors of microfinance programs, organises training activities in Turin and in the field, and manages relationship with key consultants and network of ITC ILO certified trainers globally.

Margarita has 16 years of experience in microfinance and development. Prior to joining the ITC ILO she worked with number of training and research projects focused on organizational development and strategic planning, product development, market research and other aspects of microfinance. As responsible finance and microfinance consultant, she was involved in various practitioners’ and associations’ initiatives in 20 countries. She has extensive training experience globally, in Africa, Asia, Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and MENA regions, served as a speaker at number of regional conferences and events, as well as authored and co-authored several training manuals, case-studies and other publications.

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