Applications and prices

Applications and prices

Understanding applications, processes, and prices

All the Centre's regular courses are open to candidates through grants or individual sources of funding. These candidates should send their applications directly to the ITCILO.

Workers' Activities and Employers' Activities training courses are available by invitation only. Additional candidates may be accepted if they pay a fee and are approved by the Secretary of the Workers' Group or Employers' Group of the ILO Governing Body.

The application procedure allows the Centre to match participants' needs to training activities. It is important to specify language skills, job experience, and academic background.

 To apply for a regular course:

  • Search for a relevant course related to your interests through the Courses and Teams pages.
  • Note the details of the course, including its title, price, dates, and application deadline.
  • Apply directly by completing the online registration form, if available, or email the contact person.

The team responsible for the course will consider all applications in a standardized selection process. Successful candidates will be notified immediately.

Prices for regular courses

The total price of a training activity is calculated through tuition and subsistence costs. Costs are subject to change.

The tuition price covers course preparation, implementation and evaluation, training materials and books, and the use of facilities and support services, including online resources. For face-to-face courses, tuition also covers study tours (if planned) and emergency medical insurance.

The subsistence price covers accommodation and full board on the Centre's campus, laundry services (for courses longer than one week), and local study visits (if planned). For face-to-face courses outside Turin, the subsistence price covers accommodation and full board, as well as incidentals, depending on the available facilities.


The listed prices do not include the cost of travel between the participant's home country and the course venue.

Participants are responsible for holding a valid passport and obtaining the appropriate visa for the country in which the course is held, for any country in which a transit or stopover is required, and for all countries in which study tours are scheduled as part of the activity. 

Listed prices do not include the costs of passports, visas, and airport taxes.

Questions about the Centre's regular training courses? Send an email to the course contact person or for general inquiries.