Addressing the challenges of youth NEET - Instruments and responses for labour market inclusion

Addressing the challenges of youth NEET - Instruments and responses for labour market inclusion

Addressing the challenges of youth NEET - Instruments and responses for labour market inclusion

23–27 November 2020
The course is available in English

In 2018, more than one in five young people were neither in employment nor in education or training (NEET). This course, organized in collaboration with the ILO’s Youth Employment Programme, aims to ensure that future interventions targeting young NEETs are effective and appropriate.

Join this course to start innovating for change—because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Key features
Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include participatory discussions and group exercises

Collaborative environment

Meet and collaborate with an international cohort

Proven procedures

This course is based on ILO-recognized strategies and standards

Introduction to the course

Jointly organized by the Youth Employment Programme Unit and the the International Training Centre of the ILO, this workshop will delve into notions, approaches, available policy instruments and examples of good practice, with the aim of informing future decision-making and operational efforts targeting youth Not in Employment, Education or Training.

Who attends this course?

The course targets policy-makers and advisors from ministries of labour, education, youth and finance; officials of youth-led organizations; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations; and development partners.

What topics does this course cover?

This course presents global and regional overviews of trends, challenges, and opportunities regarding young NEETs.

  • Characteristics of young NEETs and circumstances underlying their NEET status
  • Policy responses and approaches to the issue using available instruments
  • Best practices, operational efforts, and appropriate interventions in the field
What will I learn?

This course provides the knowledge and tools professionals need to approach the issue in a holistic way.

  • All about the sub-groups of young NEETs, as well as potential risk factors
  • How to utilize policy instruments, including early intervention, activation, labour market integration, and outreach
  • How different countries and regions design policies according to specific needs
What will I be able to do?

Participants prepare to analyze country-specific situations and design better policies to reduce the NEET rate.

  • Understand the determinants and characteristics of young NEETs
  • Design policy responses to reduce the NEET rate, globally and/or regionally
  • Monitor and evaluate existing and new policy interventions
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its innovative learning and training methods. 

  • This five-day workshop features the launch of the ILO’s latest publication on the topic, entitled NEET: understanding and addressing youth exclusion from decent work.
  • Learning sessions cover analytical, policy, and operational areas of the issue. 
  • Participants from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds share experiences and insights.

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