Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Works

Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Works

Certification Programme on Procurement Management for Works

26 September–4 November 2022
The course is available in English

***A limited number of partial fellowships is available for this course to participants with a proven interest in the topic. 

Please inquire at least four weeks before the commencement’s date to get the opportunity to attend a Certification Programme organized by ITCILO***.

Introduction to the course

Are you aware of the new material risks triggered by the current pandemic that may have a huge impact on construction projects? Have you already adapted your approach to works procurement, making it agile and flexible at all stages? Now more than ever, we need to design our specifications carefully, considering materials and working methods that are less subject to COVID-19 risks, lest health and safety risks increase as well. Now more than ever, we need to be very careful in choosing evaluation methods and types of contract. Contract management also needs to be agile. Do you have any idea how to deal with claims in these uncertain times? This online certification programme provides you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for successful implementation of each step of the procurement process (needs' identification, market research, procurement planning, competition/bidding procedures, bid evaluation, contract award), and for works contract management, with the focus on adaptability to the current crisis situation. It is designed to show you how to procure and manage works in an efficient and agile manner, and how procurement can be further enhanced and made sustainable. Are you ready to become a certified professional in Procurement Management for Works?

Who attends this course?

National and international public procurement practitioners; procurement staff of national agencies; project directors and procurement staff of projects funded by International Financial Institutions (IFIs, World Bank, Asian, African, Islamic and European development banks, etc.); United Nations, European Union and NGOs personnel; other officers involved in the financing, control and monitoring of national procurement operations involving works.

What will I be able to do?

At the end of the Programme, you will be able to:

  • Efficiently design your contracting strategy 
  • Assess the risks
  • Set qualification and evaluation criteria
  • Competently prepare well-balanced procurement documents
  • Conduct bid evaluation, contract award and contract administration procedures
  • Handle procurement-related complaints
  • Calculate price adjustment
  • Prepare a contract management plan
  • Deal with variations and claims
  • Incorporate sustainability, ESHS and gender aspects into procurement 
What certification will I get as a successful candidate?
  • You will obtain an ITCILO certificate of achievement once you have completed successfully the programme requirements.
  • This certificate will demonstrate that you possess the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to plan and execute the entire procurement process in the adaptive and agile manner.
  • This certificate could be a first brick to build your future ITCILO Diploma in Procurement Management! https://www.itcilo.org/resources/diploma-public-procurement-management
Why should I join?

This course is delivered through distance learning and deployed on the ITCILO e-campus. It frees you from the classroom and gives you the flexibility to complete the learning modules at your own pace, while still providing interaction with international expects and professionals.



What does the programme contain?

Module 1: Introduction 

  • Main principles
  • Procurement Cycle
  • Introduction to Works procurement management
  • The Roles and Responsibilities in Works operations
  • Global view on Works


Module 2: Contracting strategy and Planning

  • Contracting Strategy and Planning
  • Methods, Arrangements and Market Approaches
  • Types of contracts
  • Qualification procedures for Works 

Module 3: Standard Bidding Documents for Works and Bidding Process

  • Standard bidding documents for Works
  • Contract conditions and forms
  • Focus on Standard bidding documents for Smaller Works
  • Differences between Small and Major works and Plant 


Module 4: Process and Evaluation

  • Further steps in the procurement process
  • Evaluation of Bids/Proposals for Works contracts
  • Handling of procurement-related complaints
  • Contract Award
  • BAFO. Negotiations 


Module 5: Contract Management

  • Contract Management for Civil Works - Critical aspects
  • Contract management plan. Best practices and strategies
  • Managing Variations, Time extension and Price Adjustment
  • Contract management procedures and tools: Observation and Inspection Forms; Contractual letters; Meetings; Project Close-Out
  • Contract management Civil Works and Resolution of disputes


Module 6: Enhancing sustainability, Environmental, Social, Health and Safety (ESHS) and gender aspects through procurement of Works

  • Introduction to Sustainable Development and Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP)
  • Occupational safety and health (OSH) in the Construction Sector
  • Gender considerations in Procurement
  • Examples of SPP in construction sector
What approach and methodology is used to deliver the online course?

This tutor-based Certification Programme is delivered by senior procurement staff, advisors and consultants from ITCILO. The programme is conducted using interactive self-guided learning modules, knowledge checks, live webinars and final examination.

  • For each module, you first acquire knowledge through an interactive self-guided learning module that contains readings, questions, quizzes, case studies, videos and tools.
  • You will be required to take knowledge tests after each module and throughout the course to ensure that you have grasped the core elements of the learning modules.
  • Your acquired skills will be assessed through the assignments graded by your tutor.
  • Live webinars with the experts will be conducted as follows:
    1 introductory, 4 webinars to respond to your questions and provide feedback or additional content.

The tutor is available for consultation via the e-campus forum or “Talk to your Tutor” mailbox and throughout the webinars.

Conditions to participate

What are the technical requirements needed?

For a smooth learning experience, participants need to have basic computer skills and a computer with a reliable internet connection and speakers.

Candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of procurement practice in the public or private sector as well as a sound knowledge of the English language.


Prove your skills with a Diploma

This course is part of one Diploma programme:


The course offered an optimal combination of theoretical and practical content, enabling us to practice the key material covered during the course, through concrete examples related to our work environment.

Alfonso Buxens
UNDP Panama

I am thankful to the instructors for the direct and concise way of exposing each of the different modules using examples from their vast experience to complement their explanations, as well as a variety of exercises and additional documents to support and improve the learning experience.

Fernando Paulo Moreira
Senior supervisor, FCMU WB/AFD

Carla Sousa, Procurement Specialist, International Development Agencies

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