Digital Innovation Lab

E-Learning Innovation Lab

Digital Innovation Lab

10 May–9 June 2023
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

The Digital Innovation Lab is a blended training programme designed to spark inspiration and provide guidance for learning and development institutions around the world to successfully digitalize and innovate their training initiatives and events. Inspired by Radcliff's framework for digital innovation, we understand learning as, first and foremost, an experience that should transform systems of knowledge and skills. This experience finds its focus in the exchanges that are generated between individuals through guided design (pedagogy), supported by practical tools (technology) which require a specific infrastructure (space).

Who attends this course?

The course aims to provide insights on supporting digital innovation processes and online training packaging services. The following list of participants describes the ideal target audience:

  • Knowledge management coordinators
  • Technical specialists involved in or interested in blended, hybrid and fully-remote capacity building initiatives and knowledge sharing events
  • Representatives of employers' or workers' organizations responsible for or interested in distance and blended learning coordination
  • Learning and development professionals in charge of organizing and designing talent management programmes enhanced by technology
What topics does the course cover?

Digital innovation includes the following dimensions:

  • Pedagogical approaches strengthen technologies
    Trainers are responsible for designing and managing the learning experience through conceptual and practical tools.
  • Technologies support pedagogy and extend spaces
    New tech creates a new relationship with the concept of content and becomes a driver of new approaches.
  • Space embraces technology and support pedagogy
    The development of effective innovative teaching strategies requires digital infrastructures that support student activation.
What will I learn?
  • Practical tools to guide design and manage the learning experience
  • Case studies from international organizations using learning analytics for datadriven decision making
  • Virtual reality applications used to enhance learning in the development sector
  • Models and techniques to ensure your organization develops an approach to shape future strategies
How will I learn?

How will I learn - Digital innovation Lab


What will I be able to do?
  • Define digital innovation and explain its three dimensions
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for growth in your own professional context
  • Describe novel, innovative approaches to digital learning services

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