Empowering Gender Equality Agents of Change

Embracing Change in the New Era: Empowering UN Gender Focal Points

Empowering Gender Equality Agents of Change

23 October–24 November 2023
The course is available in English

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Gender equality has made strides in the last decades, although the progress is not fast as expected. Inequalities are still resilient and challenges remain, now more than ever. COVID-19 was a tsunami that rolls through our lives and our society.

How can organizations better manage with the gender equality challenges in the new era? How can Gender Focal Point networks support organizations in embracing chance?

If you are a Gender Focal Point pushing for equality in the workplace, improve your practice and widen your network with this training course!

Key features

The Centre’s eLearning methods include dynamic discussions and practical exercises


Participants engage in Q&A with experts and virtually work with their peers in small breakout sessions


Participants examine best practices and utilize tools from the United Nations system

Introduction to the course

This United Nations Gender Focal Points capacity-building programme, collaboratively designed by the ITCILO and the UN Women Training Centre, will introduce GFPs to the UN gender architecture and the latest gender policies and frameworks. The programme includes a five-week online learning and action-planning phase. GFPs will explore strategies and tools for identifying and addressing obstacles to gender equality in their context. They will examine gender-mainstreaming tools relating to Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (GEEW), and their concrete application.

Who attends this course?

Gender Focal Points and gender facilitators tasked with supporting and promoting gender integration in their work units, organizations and agencies; UN Gender Focal Points and UN staff working on gender equality.


ITCILO training for me was a journey from zero to hero and soon after this training, I started fulfilling my duties as a gender focal point more confidently and effectively.

Mohammad Safari (DBA)
Officer in Charge and Program Development Officer, IOM Mission in the Islamic Republic of Iran
What will you learn?

This 5-week eLearning journey will provide you with the basic knowledge and guidance in the understanding why gender equality matter, particularly in this “new COVID-19 era”.  Going through the contents of Block 1 you will comprehend why there is a need of change, while in Block 2 you will discover tools and strategies for gender mainstreaming.

The final goal of supporting you making change happen!

Your 5-week ELearning journey includes 30 learning hours as follows: 

5-week ELearning journey

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

What will you be able to do?

By the end of your eLearning journey, you will be able to:

  • Recognise gender inequalities within your organization especially after COVID-19
  • Employ the international legal framework to strengthening gender equality and the empowerment of women within UN entities, supporting your organization in the achievement of the UN targets
  • Manage and apply strategies and tools to efficiently mainstream gender equality and the empowerment of women within your UN organization in the new era post COVID-19
  • Design an organizational strategy for change capable to overcome resistances
  • Conceive an individual and concrete action plan aimed to strengthening gender equality and the empowerment of women to be immediately implemented in your organization. 

Let me confess, my team and I got trained by ITCILO to be ‘Agents of Change’. It proved to be the perfect bridge to unify our motivation and commitments with required skills. Now working together is so different as a team and more impactful indeed.

Sajida Birhmani
Gender Affairs Officer, UNSOS
Which eLearning methodologies will you experiment?
  • Dedicated virtual training rooms within the eCampus, the ITCILO learning management system
  • Virtual training session lead by international key experts
  • Webinars, videos or live interviews
  • Online interactive readings
  • Virtual interactions and exercises
  • Breakout groups for online collaborative work
  • Online brainstorming and knowledge sharing
  • Online tutoring and individual mentoring
  • Online quizzes, Q&A, self-assessment tests
Why should you join?

Here are three key reasons, among others, to take this course:

  1. It is an opportunity to engage with UN officials and international experts about gender mainstreaming within organizations post-COVID.
  2. There will be practical discussions about how UN entities can help achieve gender equality.
  3. You will identify how you can become a part of the solution.

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