Evaluation Fundamentals Certification Programme

Advanced Evaluation Certification Programme (NEW)

Evaluation Fundamentals Certification Programme

29 May–14 July 2023
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

This certification programme offers the opportunity for evaluation commissioners, managers and evaluators to reflect on the current debates among evaluation communities of practice. Based on a literature review and presentations discussed at a number of recent evaluation conferences, it sistematizes practical insights on the use of methods and techniques for complex evaluation interventions, particularly in the realm of SDGs; how to deal with different types of evaluation constraints; and the role of technology in evaluation practice. The course will make use of case studies and evaluation reports from different UN organizations, stressing the importance of compliance with ethical guidelines, norms and standards during the various phases of an evaluation process.

Who attends this course?

This certification programme is intended for a wide range of actors in the field of evaluation, in particular commissioners, managers and evaluators, but it is also suited to a wider audience of technical specialists responsible for programming and monitoring, and officials working in the public sector, the United Nations and NGOs. The programme is also designed to meet the needs of the social partners and other decision-makers involved in the design and evaluation of public policy. Members of the research community involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of development programmes are also invited to participate.

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