Evolving forms of employment relationships and decent work

Evolving forms of employment relationships and decent work
Labour Standards

Evolving forms of employment relationships and decent work

11–15 May 2020
The course is available in English

This academy is part of the International Labour Standards Academy. The academy is designed to provide knowledge to a wide audience, as well as strengthen understanding between groups of participants from different professions and global regions.

This academy examines how the ILS can be used to protect workers in non-standard jobs. Demographic shifts, labour market regulations, and technological innovation all factor into the recent uptick in non-standard employment. In particular, women, young people, and migrant workers face challenges.

Join this academy and learn how you can become a part of positive change.

Key features
Campus life

Stay and study on the banks of the Po River

Learn differently

The Centre’s training methods include videos and online demos

High-level resources

Learn from ILO specialists, ITCILO trainers, and external lecturers

Pre-academy work

Each participant completes preliminary work to prepare for the academy

Who attends this course?
  • Representatives from labour ministries
  • Representatives from workers’ and employers’ organizations
  • Professionals from the public and private sectors
  • Judges and lawyers
  • Researchers
What topics does this academy cover?

This academy aims to inform a diverse group of professionals about workers in non-standard jobs.

  • Non-standard employment
  • Workers’ rights
  • Decent work
What will I learn?

The modules will be taught by academics and experts from the ITCILO and the ILO.

  • All about the ILS system and the decent work paradigm
  • Various regulatory approaches to non-standard employment relationships
  • Regional instruments that address part-time, temporary, and ambiguous work
What will I be able to do?

Participants learn how to enhance protections for workers in non-standard jobs.

  • Analyze employment trends and identify the incidence of non-standard forms
  • Draw from different national approaches to protect workers in non-standard jobs
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to real situations
Why should I join?

The Turin Centre is known for its innovative learning methods and training styles.

  • The academy was designed according to adult learning styles and builds from real experiences to active experimentation.
  • The Centre recognizes and values the diversity, in terms of background and experience, within each group of participants.
  • Participants engage in an online dialogue with the trainers and organizers before the academy begins.

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