Skills Development for Peace and Resilience

Skills Development for Peace and Resilience (NEW)

Skills Development for Peace and Resilience

15 November–10 December 2021
The course is available in English
Introduction to the course

Decent work opens up new prospects for people and stabilizes communities fragilized by violence and conflict. People need to have the right skills to find work, carry out the required tasks and stay employed. Skills development therefore plays a major role when it comes to creating sustainable peace and resilience by providing decent livelihoods and prospects within communities. Reaching out effectively to individuals whose lives have been disrupted by conflict or disaster requires considerable understanding of the conditions under which education and training is planned and undertaken in the affected communities. Some of the factors to consider are connections with employers, the quality and relevance of training, and the inclusion of all whose livelihoods have been disrupted or destroyed. This course provides participants with conceptual framework in which to place skills development for peace and resilience, and a range of practical and integrated strategies, approaches, tools, methodologies and case studies for undertaking this difficult task.

Who attends this course?

The course is intended for government officials, representatives of employers' and workers' organizations and development practitioners actively working in fragile situations (including natural disasters, armed conflicts, rapid environmental degradation and forced displacement of persons) to promote skills development for peace and resilience.