Strategizing Knowledge Management and Innovation

Strategizing Knowledge Management and Innovation

Strategizing Knowledge Management and Innovation

Partnership Programme: Inclusive Jobs and Education for refugees and host communities (IFC, ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Bank, funded by the Government of the Netherlands

The course is available in English

This tailor-made course is available upon request and may be customized for local, national, and international organizations. Contact us to learn more.

Overall objective of the workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will have agreed on the vision and strategy of the Knowledge Management and Innovation of the Inclusive Jobs and Education Programmes for refugees and host communities (global, regional, national levels and their linkages) as well as on the next steps. 

The workshop findings and deliverables will logically feed into the following M&E workshop for the Partnership Programme.

Specific workshop objectives
  • Develop a strategic foresight vision of what the Programme can achieve building on knowledge management and innovation in 4 years from now (where we want to go?)
  • Develop the strategy and planning on how to get to the strategic foresight vision (how to get there?)
  • Identify the data and knowledge needs for monitoring and evaluation (how do we ensure learning and keep our interventions on track?)
  • Share experiences between participants
  • Increase exposure and understanding of inclusive jobs and employment interventions (what works for refugees and host communities in Jordan?)

40 participants having knowledge management and innovation responsibilities and expertise from the ILO, IFC, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Workshop methodology

The workshop consists of a one-day study-visit and a three day face-to-face foresight and innovation lab. To fine tune the needs of the Programme a preliminary analysis will be conducted through an on-line survey. A short introductory screencast will be sent to the participants with some preparatory tasks. Foresight methods come from a validated toolbox which has been used in a variety of international workshops which involved strategic planning.

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