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Gender, equality and diversity

Gender, equality and diversity
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People with disabilities are 15 per cent of the world’s population, that’s one billion people, and yet, they are significantly more unemployed and under-employed than their nondisabled peers.

People with disabilities represent a significant untapped source of talent for employers and a market segment for businesses that includes not only the person with a disability but their family members and friends. Businesses and employers are recognizing that disability inclusion in the workplace represents a competitive advantage that has been overlooked for too long.

To address this changing perspective about disability inclusion and to help organizations seize this opportunity, the International Training Centre of the International Labor Organization (ITCILO, in partnership with ) Cornell University  have created an online self-learning course entitled “Disability in the Workplace: A Global Perspective.”

The course has six segments, including: Welcome and Overview, Disability Basics, Disability Inclusion as a Business Strategy, Planning Your Disability Inclusion Strategy, Practical Application and Tips, and Resources.  The 90-minute course includes videos of international subject matter experts and people with disabilities, checklists, inter-active quizzes, and  exercises. It also includes access to self-assessment tools, as well as extensive resources for further learning.   For a small investment of your time, this course can get you started on how to make disability inclusion a reality in your organization. 

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