Lectures will cover a variety of topics – under the unifying frame of the life cycle perspective - such as: labour force participation; family planning; retirement decisions; savings and portfolio decisions; financial education and planning; financial communication and language; time-use; pay gap; glass ceiling; gender-responsive budgeting; equality and well-being indicators; diversity management; political participation; gender quotas; migration issues.

The course will include both academic sessions and case studies. Lecturers will have a wide experience in public administration (Ministries, European Commission, Bank of Italy) or in the private sector.

A 3-month internship/visiting period in the Fall 2016 at CeRP Collegio Carlo Alberto or at the Department of Economics, University of Turin, sponsored by UniCredit & Universities Foundation, will be offered to two students. The selection will be based on CVs and research topics.

Summer School on Gender Economics and Society - July 2014 - Interviews from CeRP - Collegio Carlo Alberto on Vimeo.

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