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Awareness raising on R204 towards designing an integrated policy framework in the Philippines

second phase targeting policymakers - 11-13 July 2018

The ILO's country office for Philippines in collaboration and guidance from the Government of Philippines (Department  of Labor and Employment-DOLE; the National Anti-poverty Commission -Workers in the informal sector -NAPC-WIS) is organising a second workshop on R204 and the transition to formal  economy in the Philipines from 11-13 July 2018. This second activity targets in particular   policymakers, with the objective of discussing measures and policies promoting the transition to formal employment and entreprises, paving the way for the design of an integrated policy framework.

The workshop on R204 and the transition to formal economy will contribute to the Global Knowledge sharing Forum on entreprise formalisation, taking place from 16-18 of July 2018 and which will hosts high level experts from Brazil, Chili and Uruguay  discussing  Innovations and Lessons Learned on Enterprise Formalization in their countries and exchanging with ILO Experts and those from Phillipines ways to explore opportunities to replicate effective initiatives.



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