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Informal Economy
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Amor, street vendor

Amor, 44 year old, sells vegetables in Manila. Since her arrival, four years ago, Amor has been working as street vendor in the colonial area of the city, very popular for tourists as well as local population. Amor is satisfied with his business. She has a lot of flexibility in term of working time: she can freely decide when to work or not and for how long. She also likes very much the possibility to decide whatever about his job and his life without any imposition. Furthermore, all she earns is for him! By contrast, Amor has sometimes to cope with public authorities’ harassment against informal street vendors. She must also hope to be always healthy and fit to be able to face the day-to-day work (no SSS, PhilHealth, as the public system does not accommodate their needs). Actually, Amor has limited access to healthcare and face higher medical costs when he gets sick.

This might change, as Amor is member of a strong and popular trade union, which negotiated with the government a public programme giving incentives to self- employed. As a condition, Amor has at first to register his activity.  The municipality promised to help the union to facilitate access to social security and health insurance regime for their members.



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