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Informal Economy

Informal Economy
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Driver - Piolo

Piolo started out as a conductor and after two years graduated to be a driver.  The only qualification he needed to get the job was a Driving License and NBI clearance. The industry is open to everybody who has the courage to face the consequences that comes with the job.  Piolo works for long hours and puts a lot of effort in his job but despite this the employer denies him all the benefits that other employees enjoy.  He has no PhilHealth, never had an employment contract, he is not registered or contributing to SSS. This leaves Piolo with nothing to show for his contribution at the end. Most investors in this industry do not really care about their employees; their main concern is the money the workers bring in.

For now Piolo is satisfied with his daily wage and does his budget according to the little income. To him, paying house rent and tuition fee plus providing food is all it takes. He does not realise the importance of investing.  Since the industry does not provide SSS, Piolo’s prosperity ends the day he fails to wake-up the next morning to go to work. Piolo further faces other challenges in the course of duty which includes harassment from the police, insecurity of the job and general bad attitude from the public. Piolo is not aware of any trade union in his field.



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