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International labour standards

International labour standards


Legal professionals around the world engage in professional development on a continuous basis through continuing legal education. They are, at the same time, critically important for making, implementing, and enforcing international labour standards. It is thus only natural for the ITCILO to offer CLE in ILS through distance and face activities offered here.

Course offerings

Distance offerings are avaiable at any time on the internet, delivered in the e-campus of the ITCILO. These courses are offered continuously in a self-learning format. Click on the course name for further information in the ITCILO e-campus. Download the course information sheet in PDF format.

Face to face course are offered periodically in collaboration with local professional organizations.

The judical use of ILS in feedom of association and collective bargaining disputes
(16-18 November 2017, Capetown, South Africa)
Offered in collaboration with SADC-LA. Web courses 1, 2, 3 are a pre-requisite for participation in this course which
focuses on how and when ILS on these subject matters are brought to bear on local relegant disputes.

L’uso giudiziario dell’ILS in materia di sicurezza e salute sul lavoro
(12 dicembre 2017, Torino, Italia)
I corsi web 1, 2, 3 sono proposti in collaborazione con l’associazione legale italiana, un pre-requisito per la
partecipazione a questo corso, che si concentra sull’utilizzo dell’ILS in ambito occupazionale e di sicurezza e salute.

Collaboration with national and regional organizations

The ITCILO collaborates with the following organizations to assure that CLE offerings complywith local accredittion requirements. Details are available directly from those organizations’ websites.

AFRICA Southern African Development Community Lawyers Association
EUROPE Ordine degli avvocati di Torino
Consiglio NazionaleForense
Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani
ASIA The Law Society of India
AMERICAS The American Bar Association

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