29 July 2019 - 02 August 2019

STATA for labour market analysis

29 July 2019 - 02 August 2019

STATA for labour market analysis

STATA for labour market analysis


Using step-by-step approach, this course provides practical skills and tips for analysing labour market data to construct and interpret key decent work and SDG indicators. The course is structured around six modules:

Module 1

Overview of labour statistics

  • Definitions and terminology – resolutions of the International Conference of Labour Statisticians
  • Decent work and SDG indicators

Module 2

STATA Basics

  • STATA screen and toolbar
  • Importing and using data
  • Do-file – running commands
  • Log files - where output is saved
  • Summarizing and analyzing data
  • Graphics to analyze data and trends
  • Modifying data sets
  • Collapsing and merging data sets
  • Weighting

Module 3

Measuring the labour force and other indicators

  • Overview of labour force indicators, including employment, unemployment, NEET, potential labour force (including discouraged job seekers), social benefits…
  • Deriving labour force indicators in STATA

Module 4

Statistical analysis of labour statistics

  • Regression analysis based on labour statistics
  • Brief labour market analysis based on survey data



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