03 December 2018 - 07 December 2018

Governing migration at local level

03 December 2018 - 07 December 2018

Governing migration at local level

Governing migration at local level


Successful governance of migration at local level requires not only good political will, but also a sustainable and participative approach in which local and regional administrations can develop and implement effective policies together with key local actors This course aims to maximize the potential of a good goverance of migration at local level supporting stakeholders, local & regional representatives of public administration and academics.

This course guides also participants to discover and understand the main challenges and opportunities of  migration and local development through a practical approach.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Develop the understanding of the linkages between migration and development at the international, national and local level and their contextualisation of local realities;

• Reinforce the capacities of local actors in planning and implementing coherent frameworks for M&D at the local level;

• Identify all relevant stakeholders and operationalizing partnerships to increase the impact and sustainability of local M&D initiatives;

• Expose stakeholders to a comprehensive informative and learning tool including research and literature;

• Provide concrete tools for the institutionalisation and territorialisation of the M&D Nexus and the related actions and policies at local level;

• Be able to design reliable local development policies which integrate migration.


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