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Labour migration

Labour migration
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Module 1


Module 1 aims at exploring how migration and local development are connected, in terms of policies and initiatives. In other words, the module focuses on the linkages between migration and local development, and on how these linkages are effectively managed in the field.

Module 1 will address the following aspects:

Topic 1: What is local development (LD)? The first topic explores the particularities of what we call “local development”, including the actors that influence it and the way it is articulated within the national and international contexts.

Topic 2: Local development and migration: coordination, synergies and policies. The second topic addresses the way migration can affect local development, and vice versa, throughout the migration cycle. It also provides an insight into how local development is planned and implemented. This is done through the introduction of the concept of the mainstreaming of migration within local development planning.

Topic 3: Data on migration and local policies. The third topic focuses on one of the most critical conditions that influence the way migration policies are defined: data. It provides an insight into the different kinds of data on migration and on the way they inform policies.

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