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Labour migration

Labour migration
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Module 2


Module 2 aims to tackle the key issue of partnerships able to enhance local M&D processes. The stress is put on the importance of recognizing the interrelationship and complementarities that exist between different actors, and the way these actors may be linked through partnership. The module also focuses on the role LRAs play in setting up or participating in these partnerships.

Module 2 will address the following aspects:

Topic 1 - M&D partnerships: forms and frameworks, from the global to the local level. The first topic explores the different scales of partnership, from the international to the local level, and the different actors involved. It also illustrates the main features of partnerships, as well as the different kinds of partnership within or across borders.

Topic 2 - Decentralized cooperation, co-development and territorial partnerships. The second topic focuses on local-to-local partnerships, and more precisely on decentralized cooperation, co-development and territorial partnerships.

Topic 3 - Public-private partnerships. The third topic addresses public–private partnerships (PPPs) and their potential application in local M&D processes.

Topic 4 - Working with diasporas/migrant association in territories of origin and destination. The fourth topic deals with the different ways to partner with migrant associations, from both a territory of origin and of destination point of view.


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