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Labour migration

Labour migration
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Module 3


Module 3 aims to explore the ways to strengthen migrants’ agency as protagonists of local development. The stress is put on the means for creating an enabling environment for migrants to express their potentials, as well as to empower migrants and their associations for meaningful participation in local development – in both territories of origin and destination.

Module 3 will address the following aspects:

Topic 1 - Strengthening migrants' agency as protagonists in local development. The first topic will explore the concept of agency, and broadly set out the ways to both enable and empower migrants for local development.

Topic 2 - What are the services for migrants and their families in territories of origin and destination? The second topic will focus on the services that can be provided in both territories of origin and destination to promote the integration/reintegration of migrants, but also their participation in transnational activities.

Topic 3 - Promoting and engaging migrant organizations. The third topic will discuss in what ways migrant associations can be engaged in local initiatives and the reasons for doing so.

Topic 4 - Promoting politica participation and engagement in policy-making. The fourth topic will highlight the importance of promoting migrants’ political participation, in both territories of origin and destination, and provide examples on how to do so in contexts where migrants do not have formal representation rights.


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